By proper disposal of your beer bottles and cans you will keep your beautiful neighborhood beautiful and safe. We encourage all of you to help us do our parts as Medford community members in picking up bottles and cans that litter our streets.

Keep our

neighborhood clean

Help us go green in the Medford community

Not only are we focused on providing you the very best prices and selection of craft beers, domestics and imports, but we also are fully supportive of the "going green" movement. We want to make sure that recycling is a focus to help minimize waste and preserve natural resources.

Easy recycling system


"Never a hassle on taking your returns, just leave them on the counter.  They have handtrucks available if your stockin' up on cases."

-Elitia L. - New York, New York

-Beer Bottles


-Wine Bottles


Easy and friendly recycling

Serving the community

We've been helping keep Medford clean since 1968.


Go Green & Keep Our Neighborhood Clean!